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Start your series of sports achievements with the Sprint Triathlon Kyiv Cup 2021!

Imagine how you dive into the water, how your arms stroke through the water, how you fasten your cycling shoes and race through Kyiv streets on your bike, how you rush towards the finish line, cross it, record you finishing time and receive your medal, how you take a picture capturing this moment and give hugs to your loved ones. These dreams will become a reality on May 23 at the first triathlon race of the season from Triathlon Ukraine — Sprint Triathlon Kyiv Cup 2021.

If you have never participated in a race where you need to master multiple sports (swimming, cycling and running), but you’ve always wanted to try it, then “Sprint” is a thing for you! On May 23 at the Sprint Triathlon Kyiv Cup 2021 you will realize that triathlon is more than just a sport, it is a special lifestyle, style of leisure and thinking. Try and see for yourself whether you want to keep doing it. 

If you already know what triathlon race is all about, “Sprint” will help you prepare yourself for the new sports season and test your strength after the winter. 

This event will include the Triathlon Championship of Ukraine, in which professional athletes will be able to compete for the title of a champion and qualify for international competitions. 

Note the date — May 23 — register and start training. We will set Kyiv on fire on May 23 at the Sprint Triathlon Kyiv Cup 2021!

Your challenge: 

  • swimming 750 m;
  • cycling 20 km;
  • running 5 km.


Start — Naberezhne highway, finish — Kontraktova square.


Go beyond the limits with Triathlon Ukraine!


Please, notice! There is a time limit for the course Sprint:

  • a participant is not allowed to start the third segment (running) if he/she exceeded the time limit of 1 hour 15 minutes allotted for the first (swimming) and second (cycling) segments;
  • time limit set for the whole course — 2 hours.

Entry fee covers

  • accident insurance that covers participation in sports competitions on the day of the race;
  • temporary sticker for arm with the race number for swimming — 2 pcs.;
  • stickers with the race number for the helmet and the bike — 1 set;
  • personalized race bib number for running (for those registered by May 2);
  • swimming cap;
  • plastic backpack for the transit zone Bike;
  • plastic backpack for the transit zone Run;
  • backpack Deposit;
  • Sprint Triathlon Kyiv Cup 2021 Participant’s Guide;
  • map of the routes and the race village;
  • result capturing electronic chip for the foot;
  • medical support;
  • musical support;
  • hydration and food stations along the route;
  • finisher medal (if the distance is finished within the time limit);
  • finisher pack (an apple, a banana, water);
  • SMS notification with the result;
  • Pic2Go service;
  • pictures and video;
  • event poster;
  • special offers from event partners.